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Our Llumar ® window film's are known for the colour stability, durability, scratch resistance and come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Visit us today to see a demo of the differences between the products we offer. We can now demonstrate how much heat can be retracted with our NEW IRX Film, Call in You won't be disappointed !

Uv Shield Series Clear UV Protection Film

Window film acts like a barrier, blocking out 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays thus protecting you and your car from the damaging effects of the sun. With the ever increasing breakdown of our ozone layer, dermatologists warn against over exposure to the sun. This film is endorsed by Skin Cancer Trust

Lifetime Guarantee*  |  Up To 29% Heat Reduction  |  Blocks 99% UV
  • UV Shield Series - Clear Clear
  • Skin Cancer Trust UK

IRX Series Infrared-reject ceramic film

The Llumar ® IRX Series transforms your vehicle inside and out with impressive nano-ceramic technology. Demand IRX for concentrated IR blocking abilities plus a full list of premium film features: custom style, easy connectivity, UV protection and a reduction in annoying glare & upto 88% heat retraction.

Lifetime Guarantee*  |  Up To 88% Heat Reduction  |  Blocks 99% UV
  • IRX Series - 50% 50%
  • IRX Series - 35% 35%
  • IRX Series - 15% 15%
  • IRX Series - 5% 5%

CTX Series Ceramic film

The Llumar ® CTX Series has proven nanoceramic technology to tame heat, glare and UV rays without sacrificing connectivity. Create a smart, stylish comfort zone with CTX.

Lifetime Guarantee*  |  Up To 29% Heat Reduction  |  Blocks 99% UV
  • CTX Series - 50% 50%
  • CTX Series - 35% 35%
  • CTX Series - 20% 20%
  • CTX Series - 5% 5%

ATC Series Stable dyed film

The Llumar ® ATC Series is dyed all the way through, for charcoal colour that stays true. This film gives you a standout look, on-the-road privacy, and a nice upgrade in glass performance.

Lifetime Guarantee*  |  Up To 78% Heat Reduction  |  Blocks 99% UV
  • ATC Series - 50% 50%
  • ATC Series - 35% 35%
  • ATC Series - 20% 20%
  • ATC Series - 5% 5%

See the benefits to Window Film Vs Factory Privacy Glass

Window film offers 99% UV protection against both UVA and UVB rays, privacy glass like any glass only stops UVB rays.

Privacy glass absorbs heat making your vehicle hotter and the air-con work even harder, which is costing you more money. Our window film comes with the added benefit of heat reduction, up to 90% !!! Don’t believe us, come see us for a demo using our heat lamp and sample window films.